10 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Pakistan – Desi Wanderlust

karakuram-highwayPakistan is a place known to the world as a terrorist country, or a place which is effected by terrorism. Some people even claim that Pakistan is a home for terrorists. Certainly it’s not!  After reading this article you might think the same as I do.

Apart from all these misconceptions, let me tell you guys some other reasons why you should stay away from this country.

I’m already warning the readers, you are gonna get really enticed by what you are about to know about this country, The Mountain peaks and beautiful valleys, the famous rock formation, the culture, the history and much more.

Some really crazy people thought of visiting Pakistan in recent years Five Foreigners who took a chance in Pakistan and they were amazed to see what there was to offer. Lets head out and see “Why you should never visit Pakistan.”

  1. Mountaineer’s Paradise 

The scariest thing to know is Pakistan has the 30 Of Top 100 Peaks. This place is surely a Mountaineers Paradise, K2 is the second largest peak of the world and the toughest peak to summit,

Only 302 people have completed the summit of K2, as compared to the Mount Everest (2700) anyone up for the challenge?4797741-k2-wallpapers

  1. Mesmerizing Valleys

Natural Beauty of Pakistan is unmatched. Do you have to what is takes to absorb such beauty? Trust me once you visit those places, it will hard for you to come back home, as it’s so peaceful, mesmerizing that it will take your breath away. Not literally but yes you’ll have tears of joy experiencing those beautiful valleys.


  1. Historic Places? We’ve all got it covered

Subcontinent is known for Mughal rule and their amazing architecture, after the divide of British India, the beautiful Taj Mahal became the part of India, but Pakistan still has many landmarks which are worth visiting and admiring. Places like Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Wazir Khan Masjid and many more.

Derawar - Derawar Fort - 2010 - 031024px-jama-masjid-dilli6badshahi-masjid

  1. Wild Rock formation of Baluchistan

The word “Wild” best suits for a place like Baluchistan. A Place undiscovered, mysterious in its own way, questions which are unanswered, is a definite go-to place for people who likes mystery and adventure.

Several locals claims that it was a kingdom of Hinglaj Mahraja and was overthrown by Nani Mata (Hindu Religious Beliefs).

Other than that, Balochistan is home to astounding mud volcanos, Oasis and wild and stubborn mountains.


Is it pharaoh? Egypt? No! Its Princess of Hope in Baluchistan. No wonder how this landmark created its presence and the rock formation surrounding this place. Looks like a lost history.

Hingol-BalochistanCoastal Line - Balochistan. PAKISTAN5503e83d79709silk-road-gwadar-balochistan-3

I Promise you that’s not Egypt.

  1. We put out Heart in our Provisions 

Pakistani people put in allot of effort in preparing their meals, Every region of Pakistan has their own unique dishes and all of them taste better than other, The most famous one anyone should try are,

  • Biryani
  • Nihari
  • Korma
  • Sajji or dampukht
  • Bihari Boti, Malai Boti and list goes on.


  1. Generous and Welcoming People 

The most welcoming, humble people belong to Pakistan are known for their great hospitality. Pure at heart and always there to put a smile on your face. Their nature, and soft-spoken words will melt your heart right away! Not to forget how beautiful the people are – they will always make you feel right at home.


Pakistani’s men are ranked 3rd most Handsome in the world. So there is allot of eye candy for ladies to admire. I mean look at this chai wala (Tea maker)

  1. What’s more? Yes Beaches 

Having highest peaks and beautiful valleys is just not it, Pakistan has one of the sexiest beaches too. Pakistan has a coastal line 1046 KM, which means more beaches to explore and enjoy. Beaches. These beaches are ideal for snorkeling, scuba and other water sports too. Some famous beach spots are

  • French beach
  • Kund Malir Beach
  • Ormara Beach
  • Tushan Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • Turtle Beach
  • Astola Island

Adding further, Pakistan is home to 2 of the 7 species of Sea Turtles. Every year a great amount of sea turtles make these beaches as their nesting sites.


  1. Home to Oldest Civilization

History OHH YES! We have that too. Pakistan is home to one of the oldest civilization in the world. Having roots older than 2500 BCE. Mohen jo Daro was one the most developed and well planned cities of those time, with sophisticated civil engineering and planned infrastructure. This place is one to visit for history lovers.

Read some other Fascinating Reasons to visit Pakistan

Untitled-design-3-2Rani_Kot09aWe even have our own “GREAT WALL”

  1. Diverse Culture

Pakistan has one of the most diverse culture in the world, we have almost 72 different languages spoken in Pakistan, with 6 major languages named as Urdu being to most common and national language, Punjabi, Sindhi Balochi, Pashto and Saraiki. Similarly with so many different languages, there comes so many different cultures, There dresses, the food, the way of living each has some of its own uniqueness, yet we are all one strong nation on the basis of one common belief that is Islam.


  1. Music

Pakistan is a country full of surprises, Music of Pakistan dates back to over 5000 years. As I mentioned before about the great Indus civilization flourished which was rich in art, music and dance.

After the arrival of Islam and then the revolution of Sufism music became ever more mature and developed a new identity of itself.

You will be amazed to see the diversity of music found in this wonderland. From classic to pop we have it all, and we also believe in the combination of both, just look at the picture below,

A lady from the rural areas screaming her lungs out in her regional language with all the modern instruments around. Curious? Well give it a listen then.

Few of the genre from different locations are listed below,

  • Kafi
  • Qawwali
  • Qaul and Tarana
  • Pop Music
  • Folk Music
  • Loba
  • Mahiya
  • Nimkai


I can keep on telling about what is there to explore, know and learn about this country which has been misunderstood from a very long time. Due to its position near a country which has been on war since a very long, a lot many political factors are involved which I don’t wanna right about. Nonetheless Pakistan is a place worth visiting, not once, not twice but on a regular basis. We welcome everyone with warm hearts and make them feel as if they are home.

If you are enticed by this article and want to know more about this Wonderland, Please subscribe to my blog for more interesting facts of this country.

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Pakistan – Desi Wanderlust

  1. I can understand the context of using the word “not” in the caption but it gives a negative impression and reading it, many may not open the article to read.


  2. Found your page off your post on Lonely Planet regarding travel in Pakistan. I will be graduating college in a year and am looking to bike tour in Asia to experience different cultures. Countries that I would like to visit are principally Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Pakistan, and maybe Kazakhstan. Tibet and Bhutan are iffy due to costs of hiring guides etc. If I were to travel in the northern part of the country on bike in the mountainous region, would I need a guide/military liaison officer? I will have a limited budget and also do not want to be held back by having a guide. What are the laws I need to be considerate of for traveling alone and what political instability in this region need I be wary of? What would you advise in general?


    1. Hey Sean,

      I’m really humbled that you read my article and found me worthy enough to ask me about your concerns. I will email you all the details. With all the details routes, places you should visit, which you can travel alone and won’t be needing and security or guide. People here are friendly enough to guide and assist you. But my recommendation would be that at least have someone as a personal guide or a private tour company, who can book hotels on your behalf.

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